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Spirit Godd

Number of posts : 1200
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Registration date : 2008-07-11

PostSubject: Member Statuses   Fri Jul 11, 2008 8:45 pm

Now, you can gain a new status by getting a number of posts. It gives you nothing more then recognition when you gain a status. Here they are.

New Member- Person who has just joined the site.
Regular Member- Get 200 posts
Veteran- 500 posts
Elite- Get 900 posts
Ancient- Get 3500 posts
Phantom- Get 5000 posts
Official Heron- Assigned by Admin (see note)
Member of the Week- A normal rank given to the person who wins the Member of the Week Award. Further info in the "Member of the Week" topic. Lasts until the next winner is chosen.
Mod of the Week- This is pretty much the same as Member of the Week but this is given to mods.
Immortal- Get 6000 posts
Superstar- Assigned by Admin
Officer- Assigned by Admin
Warned- Assigned by Admin (see note)
V.I.P.- Assigned by Admin
Point Master- Get 900 points or above and keep it there. If you go below 900, you lose this rank.
Temporary Moderator- Assigned by Admin (see note)
Moderator- Assigned by Admin
Admin- Me lol!

Note 1- The Warned status is given to somebody who has broke a major rule or has had numerous moderations. If you get anymore moderations while having the Warned status, you get either a 10 day ban, or a IP (permanent) ban. The Warned status goes away after 2-15 days.

Note 2- Temporary Moderator status only lasts 5 days. After the limit is up, the Admin decides if the person stays as a moderator, or if the user goes back to regular status.

Note 3- Official Heron is a rank just for lulz that I gave to the user called "i am a HERON"
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Member Statuses
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